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Views of the city

Two distinct halves that make up one city


Wandering through the picturesque side streets of the historical city centre is the perfect way to discover its many idyllic features. Gates, towers, alcoves and countless peaceful hidden corners provide a homely backdrop for indulging yourself in one of the many cafés. Formerly part of Baden, Villingen is full of history and stories. Where today you’ll find a bike store, for instance, there used to be a public bathhouse. If you fancy a break from all that wandering and exploring, the multitude of drinking fountains are the ideal place to stop off. They would certainly have a lot to say if they could speak! In years gone by, fountains were the perfect meeting places for people wanting to catch up on the latest gossip. These days, Villingen residents prefer to gather on Münsterplatz, which, on market days, is a colourful display of hustle and bustle. Villingen – where harmony comes to life.

A change of scene…


Time certainly hasn’t stood still in what was once the world’s largest clock-making town. Schwenningen is a town that harmoniously combines both tradition and progress, as illustrated by the symbiosis of magnificent Wilhelmian style villas and modern builds. It certainly is an element that never fails to surprise visitors. The river Neckar, whose historical source is located in Schwenningen, has moved with the times too – both literally and figuratively. This half of the city, which used to belong to Württemberg, has a lot to offer in terms of sport too. The local ice hockey team, the famous “Wild Wings”, regularly take to the ice with their hockey sticks in hot pursuit of the puck. It’s a cool sport that both players and spectators can enjoy. Schwenningen – where you’ll experience moments of pure joie de vivre. Time goes on…